Family Earns Cash By Recycling Their Catalytic Converter

Every automobile in the United States is required by law to have a catalytic converter as part of the exhaust system. This emission technology was invented by Eugene Houdry, a French engineer. It only became popular when the US government moved to regulate fuel efficiencies and emissions in 1975.

The purpose of the converter is to convert the dangerous and harmful pollutants generated from the vehicle into carbon dioxide and water. The catalytic converter creates this chemical reaction within the exhaust system to reduce the toxic hydrocarbons that will affect the quality of the air we breathe. The expensive and precious metals,  platinum or palladium, are contained on the inside of the catalytic converter.

When a converter goes out,  recycling companies will pay for your scrap converter because of the value of the precious metals that can be extracted from the converter. The price varies depending on the catalytic converter, but most tend to be worth around $100.

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