Serrapeptase Helps Families Across The Nation

Serrapeptase is a natural enzyme, meaning that it breaks down and destroys protein with no damage to normal cells.  This enzyme also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. One unusual characteristic of this enzyme is that it helps so many health problems without interfering with other medication you might be taking.

Serrapeptase was discovered in the intestines of silkworms. Its purpose in nature is to create an opening in the cocoon so that the moth may safely emerge. The silkworm also uses this enzyme to help digest the tough mulberry leaves on is its diet.

The human body defends itself in response to injury with swelling, pain, or redness. Inflammation is the body’s  response to infection or irritation. At the site of the injury or damaged tissue, Serrapeptase traps the microbes, toxins and foreign material to prepare the site for tissue repair. 

The unique quality of Serrapeptase is that it digests non-living tissue including blood clots, arterial plaques, cysts, and all forms of inflammation. It is used throughout Europe and Asia instead of our commonly prescribed NSAIDs. Because Serrapeptase is a naturally occurring physiologic agent, it does not produce gastrointestinal side effects.

Serrapeptase reduces the production of inflammatory reactions within the damaged tissue and inhibits the release of inflammatory mediators. Because Serrapeptase breaks these substances into natural waste products, it digests the inflammatory tissue. Serrapeptase is an excellent natural supplement for many health conditions, but you should speak to your healthcare professional before beginning any new supplement.