Thousands of family sites infected with malware

Over the last weekend there were thousands of family sites hacked and infected with malware due to WordPress vulnerabilities. Mostly due to not keeping their website updated. This happens to thousands of websites all over the world just about every day. This attack was focused on family type websites in particular.

It’s very hard to imagine that your website got hacked but its the sad truth it can happen to you just about any time and you need to know what to do if this happens to you. We recommended that you hire a WordPress malware removal company to fix these issues for you. You need to hire a professional company so you don’t get reinfected over and over. Malware has a reputation of returning if you don’t take care of it quickly. Hackers are really smart and we always suggest hiring the best to fix your website.

Why do hackers install malware on websites? There are millions of reasons that these hackers would attack your website. Many times they will try to steal your traffic and redirect visitors to their website or affiliate offers. Also they might be trying to steal passwords or other visitor information. They might be installing dangerous software that will damage your visitors computers. No matter what the reason its really smart to take care of this very quickly or your reputation can be damaged. You don’t want your clients or visitors to think your website is dangerous. You defiantly don’t want Google to think that for sure. That could effect your search engine rankings and the future of your business.

We recommend using a service called you can click here to visit their Facebook page and connect with them to get help. They have tons of reviews on the Facebook page that you can review and learn more about their service. If you have any questions about their service please feel free to contact us.