Top Family Baton Rouge Dentist Recommends Regular Visits

The importance of regular dental checkups cannot be overestimated. Regular check-ups can alert the dentist to tooth decay early so that a filling can be done instead of a more in-depth procedure. Extensive decay can result in serious bacterial infections.

Periodic dental visits can prevent the loss of teeth by gum disease. Research indicates that about 50% of adults have some level of gum disease. The hygienist will also assist you in managing your oral health program. When tartar and calculus buildup on your teeth, it is impossible to remove it by brushing. Tartar buildup can speed the onset of periodontal disease. Early prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy smile.

When the dentist examines your mouth, he is looking for signs of disease tissue. There are over 120 systemic diseases that are visible in your mouth long before you are aware of any problems. His expertise can in some instances save your life such as early detection of cancer by oral cancer screening.

By keeping your teeth and gums healthy, you may be preventing the onset of many debilitating diseases. Regular checkup just makes sense for a healthy body. To schedule an appointment, contact this dentist Baton Rouge.

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